Handling negative reviews

A negative review can spoil your website’s performance. That’s why business’s work for years to gain public interest and as much customer goodwill as possible. Too many negative reviews can certainly create a problem for your business specially e-commerce websites, consultancies, Job portals and many more.

The simplest way to prevent your site from negative reviews is to make sure that your customers are satisfied enough to post such comments in the first place. It’s never easy to please each and every client but if in case negative reviews do crop up, it’s our sole responsibility to spot them quickly and act accordingly.

When it comes to negative reviews, it is very important to keep a cool head try to focus things from customer’s point of view. Take some amount of time to convey a polite reply to your customer.

How to overcome negative comments?

An intelligent strategy to overcome a negative review is to INVESTIGATE before taking an ACTION. Is this a competitor who is trying to spread false rumours about our company?

If it is so, you have the right to ask for the comment to be removed. Although it can be somewhat tricky, but yes, it is possible.

If no, you need to be honest to the customer.

  • We can activate Social Media monitoring, with the help of which, we can spot negative commentary before it gets published.
  • We can also activate Google Alerts to email where we can receive business pop ups from social networks and personal blogs.

Customers are smart enough to sniff out and ignore one odd-ball negative review in an ocean of positive ones. That’s why it is always preferred that Prevention is better than Cure.


We must try to encourage our business’s fan to share their experiences and suggestions so that we can improve further.

“When you improve your business for one customer, you have improved it for all your customers. Making everyone happy is the bottom line of the story.”

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