Future Insights OF SEO IN 2015

Is SEO available strategy in 2015? … If done right…Yes it is…

If you want to know whether or not the SEO strategy will work for your website in 2015, you need to first look into its history.

Earlier it was all about having a good keyword density and getting back links from the websites. It lead to some of the not recommended practices usually termed as Black Hat SEO strategies which included “keyword stuffing” and “link farming”. It eventually affected the Google’s noble goal to serve the best search results which help the users to rely on it. These Black Hat Strategies used to find loopholes in Google’s algorithm and try to slip into whichever the way they can and achieved the results but now the time has been changed. Since two years, Google is trying to rectify as many loopholes it has by releasing the algorithm updates frequently like penguin, panda, hummingbird, etc which penalize the website from following the Black Hat SEO techniques. And it has even gone to an extent of banning shady SEO techniques.

The SEO strategies these days include a lot of different factors including Meta tags, keywords and links having a good user experience, a good landing page all together, relevant content, a lot of keyword analysis, email marketing, info graphics and social media pages which ultimately helps in driving traffic to your website.

Investing in a right budget SEO with minimum of 3 to 6 months comfortably is a good option. Analyzing, creating strategies, organizing, comparing with the competitors and planning accordingly takes quite a long time but eventually gives good ROI.

Avoiding the firms which sell cheap links against the Google guidelines and getting natural back links is always helpful for you to stay in good eyes and of course following SEO strategy would be a viable option in 2015, if performed correctly according to Google’s webmasters guidelines and Google algorithm updates.

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