Does Duplicate Content Harms your website?

Duplicate content, a content which appears in more than one place on the Internet. Content plays a main role in SEO to get top position in the search engine and to get a good page rank for the webpage. You have to provide perfect structured content for all web pages that brings you better results.

Almost all of the SEO professionals said that duplicate content is top technical concern for all web pages in the internet. When there are various pages of matching content on the Internet, it is not easy for search engines to choose which content is more relevant to a given search query.

Major Issues with Duplicate Content

  1. Treated as spam if Duplicate Content is present in the website
  2. Search engines don’t know
  • which version(s) to include/exclude from their index
  • which version(s) to rank for query results
  1. Website authors can observe the rankings of website, traffic losses and if duplicate content is present in the website
  2. If your site is having more than two home page URLs, it is also considered as duplicate content by search engine.
  3. Search engines provide less relevant results due to Duplicate Content.

Methods for Removing Duplicate Content

  1. Canonical Tags

By using canonical tags you can remove duplicate content issue from the website. It will redirect all similar page URLs in to one URL.

  1. Minimize similar content

You have to minimize the content while writing same or related topics in the websites. Then it will reduce duplicate content issue of web site.

  1. Remove Duplicate Content or Page

You have to remove the Duplicate Content page from the Search Engine Indices.

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