Challenges in SEO

Starting from the continuously changing algorithm to the lack of keyword optimised content, it has become very difficult to achieve the expected result or rather to even see the results. According to current trend of SEO, the cost of input has increased while the level of expected output has decreased to a certain level.

One of the major challenges faced while helping the clients in achieving improved search engine rankings is to update the edits and changes implemented in a regular basis.

The first thing that needs to be focussed on is that the website should be optimised at its best level along with the targeted keywords which can be easily achieved by addressing the Meta Title, Description and keyword optimised content.

Search engine result pages are never static. They vary by location as well as types of users (whether the user is using a desktop or a mobile for surfing). According to the sources, the traffic generated from mobile users have gone from 5% to 30% and this has lead to a huge drop in conversion rates and high bounce rates as a very less amount of time is being spent on the site.

The life of an SEO is always an adventure. The meaning of SEO is variably different to different number of people, with many others talking about and offering SEO services; there is not a single exact definition or exact procedure, which leads to mismanaged expectations of the clients.

We cannot predict that how our industry is going to evolve from one week to the next, as this is all under the hands of merry-go-round updates of Google’s algorithm. All an SEO expert can do is to keep firm eyes on the changing tides all the time and be up-to date with the latest launches and developments and act accordingly to grow the business at the same time.

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